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Welcome to

Welcome to

Located in the heart of Kanto, our aim is to provide quality European Carp fishing tackle, at an affordable price. We have over 30 years experience of using the tackle we sell! We welcome visitors.

Our company aims here are;
  • To promote catch and release carp fishing.
  • Promote fish safety, and the use of unhooking mats, good quality landing nets, and other health care products. We think that as fishermen its our responsibility to take good care of the fish we catch!
  • To protect the environment.
  • To promote Carp fishing as a relaxing but exciting sport, fun for all ages.

We are here to help you, so if you have any questions please call us!
We are happy to answer any of your questions.

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos, kill nothing but time...

【Coronavirus Special Measures】
The store is currently open as per usual opening hours. We ask that all customers wear a mask, and use the hand sanitizer at the shop before entering.

Monthly Specials For 5月

Signature Squid (12mm/16mm) Pop Ups
Signature Squid (12mm/16mm) Pop Ups
¥1,579  ¥990
Save: 37% off
Aqua Staxx 10 LTR
Aqua Staxx 10 LTR
¥6,569  ¥2,805
Save: 57% off

Black Series Roving Rucksack
Black Series Roving Rucksack
¥29,659  ¥17,600
Save: 41% off
Air Dry Bag
Air Dry Bag
¥2,837  ¥2,200
Save: 22% off
Air Dry Bag XL
Air Dry Bag XL
¥3,718  ¥3,025
Save: 19% off

Upcoming Products
These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
Magnum X5 12ft 3lb 05/22/2021
Magnum X5 13ft 3.5b 05/22/2021
Magnum X1 13ft 3.5b 05/22/2021
Blax 10ft 3lb 05/22/2021
Velocity XS Camo Green 1200m 19lb/8.5kg 05/22/2021
Velocity XS Camo Green 1200m 26lb/11.8kg 05/22/2021
Casting Glove 05/22/2021
Lead Clips Camfusion 05/22/2021
Lead Clips Pack Camfusion 05/22/2021
Lead Clip Tail Rubbers 05/22/2021
Anti Tangle Lead Clip Rig 05/22/2021
Anti Tangle Sleeves Camfusion x25 05/22/2021
Anti Tangle Sleeves Camfusion Mini x25 05/22/2021
Pop Up Pegs Clear 05/22/2021
Braid & Hard Bait Needle 05/22/2021
HD5 (2+1 Set) 05/22/2021
HD5 (3+1 Set) 05/22/2021
HD3 05/22/2021
HD3 (2+1) 05/22/2021
HD3 (3+1) 05/22/2021
Overhead Baiting Handle 05/22/2021
18L Bucket 05/22/2021
V-Curve XS 05/22/2021
V-Curve 05/22/2021
Stiff Rig/Chod 05/22/2021
Short Curve Shank 05/22/2021
Medium Curve Shank 05/22/2021
Long Shank 05/22/2021
Continental XS 05/22/2021
Boilie Beak Point 05/22/2021
Heavy Lip Close Needle 05/22/2021
Baiting Scoop Handle 05/22/2021
Floating Corn Fluorescent Green 05/22/2021
Floating Corn Fluorescent Assorted 05/22/2021
Floating Corn Fluorescent Orange 05/22/2021
Floating Corn Fluorescent Pink 05/22/2021
Floating Corn Fluorescent Red 05/22/2021
Floating Corn Fluorescent Yellow 05/22/2021
Ball Gripper Rear Rest 05/22/2021
All Purpose Needle Set 05/22/2021
Multi Pull Tool 05/22/2021
Cutting Pliers 05/22/2021
Flying Back Lead 15g x5 05/22/2021
Silicone Tube Camfusion 0.5mm 2m 05/22/2021
Silicone Tube Camfusion 0.7mm 2m 05/22/2021
Deluxe Baseball Cap 05/22/2021
Flat Peak 3D Logo Cap Green Cap 05/22/2021
Black Multi Landing Net 105cm 05/22/2021
Magnum X1 42" Net 05/22/2021
Moulded Butt Grip 05/22/2021
Landing Net Spare Block 05/22/2021
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