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Welcome to

Welcome to

Located in the heart of Kanto, our aim is to provide quality European Carp fishing tackle, at an affordable price. We have over 30 years experience of using the tackle we sell! We welcome visitors.

Our company aims here are;
  • To promote catch and release carp fishing.
  • Promote fish safety, and the use of unhooking mats, good quality landing nets, and other health care products. We think that as fishermen its our responsibility to take good care of the fish we catch!
  • To protect the environment.
  • To promote Carp fishing as a relaxing but exciting sport, fun for all ages.

We are here to help you, so if you have any questions please call us!
We are happy to answer any of your questions.

Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos, kill nothing but time...

【Coronavirus Special Measures】
The store is currently open as per usual opening hours. We ask that all customers wear a mask, and use the hand sanitizer at the shop before entering.

Monthly Specials For 3月

Aqua Staxx 10 LTR
Aqua Staxx 10 LTR
¥6,569  ¥2,805
Save: 57% off
Black Series Roving Rucksack
Black Series Roving Rucksack
¥29,659  ¥19,800
Save: 33% off

Air Dry Bag
Air Dry Bag
¥2,837  ¥2,200
Save: 22% off
Air Dry Bag XL
Air Dry Bag XL
¥3,718  ¥3,025
Save: 19% off
Century Cap
Century Cap
¥2,546  ¥2,200
Save: 14% off

Upcoming Products
These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
17 Ltr Bucket 03/10/2021
13 Ltr Bucket 03/10/2021
Specialist Tripod 03/10/2021
Padded Shoulder Strap 03/10/2021
Sniper Bankstick 12-22 Inch 03/10/2021
Sniper Bankstick 24-46 Inch 03/10/2021
Sniper Bankstick 30-58 Inch 03/10/2021
Propel Spod/Marker Rod 12ft 03/10/2021
Propel 13ft 3.5lb 03/10/2021
Bait Scoop Set 03/10/2021
Sanctuary SI Welded Stink Bag 03/10/2021
Covert Tungsten Tubing Green 03/13/2021
Covert Hook Aligner Large C-Thru Green 03/13/2021
Front Rod Rest Head 03/13/2021
Skorpion Stik 25mm 03/13/2021
Skorpion Stik 30mm 03/13/2021
Longbase Rolling Table 16mm 03/13/2021
Safety Sling Mat 03/13/2021
Baggit 03/13/2021
Hard Ball Bait Saver Small 03/13/2021
CVR 03/13/2021
Baitmaster Rolling Table 18mm 03/13/2021
Net Float (Slimline) 03/13/2021
Ultrapult Catapult Large 03/13/2021
Covert Swivel Bait Screws 03/13/2021
Lite Unhooking Mat 03/13/2021
Rod and Lead Straps 03/13/2021
Casting Finger Stall Large Right Handed 03/13/2021
Skorpion Stik 18mm 03/13/2021
Asylum Mat 03/13/2021
GTD Distance 12ft 3.25lb 03/13/2021
GTD Distance 13ft 3.5lb 03/13/2021
Bait Floss 03/13/2021
Net Float 03/13/2021
Speclalist Extending Landing Net Handle XT 03/13/2021
Edges Kwik Change Swivel Size 7 03/20/2021
Edges Kwik Change Swivel Size 10 03/20/2021
Edges Wide 35mm Slow Melt PVA Mesh System 03/20/2021
Edges Flippas (Hook Size 6-1) 03/20/2021
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